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EcoMulch - taking your pruning and mulching them course or fine

EcoMulch is about taking your pruning and mulching them either course or fine. Our machine is more compact so we can mulch between orchard rows with no need to arrange the branches. Give us a call today! We are always happy to have a chat or come round for a look, call us today on 027 536 6334 or 07 868 8597

Servicing all the of the North Island, we can turn your prunings, scrub invasive weeds and any other plant material into mulch.

We use a smaller machine, we can get into tight spaces, in between trees and and rows. If you use us, no one will need to arrange the  prunings/plant material in the neat rows. Just leave the cutting where they are and we will take care of rest. Whether you want branches turned into kindling size bits or full trees turned into a bowling green we have got the solution for you.

Dan Young the the machine operator  for EcoMulch. Waikato born and bred he has been operating machines since he was knee high to a grasshopper.  

Here is our difference - Less effort, less time and more old fashioned service. Also, finer mulch for your orchard, small enough that your lawnmower will get over them without issue.  We can mulch your some of full size trees into bits small enough you can drive your ride on lawn mover over it! 

When we started the whole orchard was jam packed full of avocado trees, we were asked to thin out every other one. The customer was so thrilled he got out his drone to film us- and we thank him very much for the video

Our  Youtube channel shows what we have been chipping for orchards all over New Zealand!

We are always happy to have a chat or come by and have a look.


Want to see what we can do for orchardists? Take a look at this! Our Mulching Work page also shows some great before and after shots.